UK Used Car Finance Market Insights

This record specializes in the United Kingdom market for secured patron finance for used automobiles. it also includes agreements for used motorcycles, vehicles and leisure automobiles (e.g. campervans) however cars constitute over 95% of the applicable patron market. Secured loans are defined as those wherein the possession of the automobile rests with the lender all through the life of the settlement. The document excludes unsecured private loans that some consumers may additionally use whilst buying a vehicle, which the author believes is now a notably minor shape of automobile finance. It consists of agreements for vehicles that might be used for enterprise purposes by means of individuals but are purchased through purchasers in preference to the groups they run. The document: Describes the overall used-automobile market length and ancient boom costs. Profiles 25 largest used automobile loan carriers. Describes the role of agents, consisting of firms running with vehicle dealers and those dealing immediately with customers. evaluations drivers of used automobile loan increase, setting out ancient developments and available forecasts. presents our forecast for the market to 2021, supported by way of proof from marketplace drivers and industry interviews.

objectives of the record This file pursuits to get behind the publicly to be had excessive-level numbers on the range and value of vehicle finance agreements arranged at POS to provide insight into the size and characteristics of the diverse range of creditors inside this growing market Key questions it answers include: What are the different methods wherein car provider POS finance is offered inside the uk? What are the primary sorts of used automobile finance merchandise? How does the technique of offering used vehicle loans vary among prime, close to-top and sub-high clients? who're the principle finance businesses and what are their channels to market? what is the function of agents within the marketplace? What options are there to secured loans for used cars? How ought to new regulation alternate the market? Taking those factors into account, how is the marketplace expected to develop inside the future?

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